Friday, April 11, 2014

Warning on the Hazards of Scrapbooking

            Well I am here to report that 'Scrap-booking' can be hazardous to your health!

After much deliberation I asked my DD to bring some of my stuff to me so that I could spend the day scrapping and possibly making a few cards. All was going well too, I had two pages completed when the urge to use the loo arose. As I stood up my foot trod on a piece of card that I had dropped earlier (and I forgot about). Next thing I was going down.
Wow, it scared me as I am terrified of breaking bones as I am unable to have surgery.
I shouted for my DD who called my DH who had to drive in from a mine site-not happy.
My other DD turned up and she rang the Ambulance service as I am unable to get up due to my mass. Of course they had to call the fire brigade. 
All up there were two ambulance officers and four fire officers. I was hot with shame, embarrassment, and seeing such gorgeous hunks of men in uniform. I think it must be a job requirement that these men must be good looking and charming.
Anyway they used this blow up mattress type of gadget and had me in a sitting position very quickly. The next step was for me to walk to my wheelchair and sit down, however as I got up and took a step, my foot stood on one of the straps and slid a little. I automatically flung my left arm out to grab anything I could to steady myself.
Imagine my mortification when I looked up to see my hand clutching the crotch of the cute fire fighter! Ooh my cheeks are red even writing that. Oh no, I apologised profusely and he said he was fine. Shame oh shame.

It's okay to laugh, I did after the event was all over.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

15 Things That Make Me Happy Today

No words, just memories of things that have bought joy into my life. I need reminding.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The bigger I become the smaller I feel...

                                                                   Image supplied

I have just slipped in here to write a few words. My life seems to pass quickly, although if you had to ask me what I do all day you would be disappointed. I really don't do much and the things I can do like sew, crafting are of course dependent on whether my mind and body are co-operating. My energy levels are tend to be low with the occasional power surge when I go fast trying to maximize my time. But all too soon it seems to drain away. Sigh...

I often feel trapped in my body.  I have my two little grand kids, family and friends to give me solace, but some days like this, sometimes the unlived life can press so hard. And the worse thing is the feeling that I am to blame for the confinement. It really hurts. Even when housebound, I feel like I am in a race with time, there are things to be done, that time seems to slink away so easily. 

But who understands? A few close friends do, but the world does not. This renders fat people voiceless, and invalidated. I notice even on some of the websites devoted to fat acceptance that there is always this feeling, that they assume the fat body works the same or there is always a focus of control over obesity, that is so complete. Sorry it just does not exist in my world. I feel that I don't 'fit' anywhere.

 Fat but still active and mobile, you are okay, fat to the level you need a wheelchair or scooter and can barely get up, your views are ignored. It is a cruel and ignorant to tell fat people, "You just don't want to lose the weight", or you are lazy.

Whew! Onto other matters now, the panel quilt is finished. It was super easy and all I did was sew some nice fancy stitched around sections of the googlies, and in between. It's destined for grandson number two. He loves the bright colours in it. 
My infrequent sewing and quilting remind me that my life is not totally pointless. 

Till next time, 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday's News

                            {Part of our backyard that is still green despite the high temperature}

Hello readers

It's 8.52 am Saturday. I have been up and out of bed since 4 am. This makes for a very long day. I guess I am lucky it wasn't 2 am, another regular waking time of mine. Makes you wonder what the heck goes on within these bodies of ours. I feel that I have no control over the situation. I go to bed later or sometimes earlier, but I wake when I do, and not much I can do. Do you wake up realising it is far too early so quickly try to power the brain down again? Me too, but it mostly doesn't work. 

I had my daughter Katie sleeping over last night as The Bloke was over 1000 km's away in a coastal town. He went there to pick up the youngest daughter, who had thought she wanted to relocate to be nearer to her closest in age sister. After three weeks, she knew she wanted to come home. The Bloke, always on rescue duty, set out to collect her. Of course this is no hardship for him as he absolutely loves getting out of town and driving long distances. He packs up his old beloved four wheel drive and off he goes. 
This was a quick trip and he is driving home today. I told him to stay another day but he insists he needs to be back home to look after me. 
I do feel a little sad for our daughter who remains living away from family. She has her fiancee of course and his lovely family, but our girl, likes to be among her sisters too.

In other news, I finished my star quilt last week. I pieced it together last year and it sat in a basket waiting for me to be in the right mood to do it. It never happened on my own accord, but 'middle child"-(Her term not mine) Emily encouraged and supported me to tackle it. If you even need a coach this is the girl for the job. She set everything up for me so I could just park myself in the wheelchair and get quilting. It is rather a large quilt and after only a few blocks I was done I had to finish as the pain was immense. I felt ready to throw in the towel, but she wouldn't let me. In fact to help me along she faced her fear of the sewing machine and sewed some straight lines around the inner blocks. How about that? Emily has never been a 'sewer', yet to my utter joy and amazement she just sat there and did it. 

Anyhow here are a few pics. The Bloke, kindly offered to take the pics (well I asked he obliged). 

Well that's it for now, hope to write more soon.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Hot out Here

Hello again. Two blog posts in one week-what is happening to me? I am only able to blog when my mind and body decides to work together for an all too brief time. It has been very hot here in Western Australia over the past weeks as we can expect with it being summer.
 My body takes an extra pounding when the heat and humidity bathe our outback city in it's steamy blanket. It makes it harder to breath for me and is not pleasant at all. The straight out heat is more easily tolerated by me, providing I don't move too much. So apart from reading numerous blogs, Facebook status's I tend too sit in my comfy chair and nod off. 

Today was a good day though as early in the morning my eldest daughter visited with her two small boys and I enjoyed the cuddles and watching my older grandson play and dance and follow his aunt all over the house. 

On my active days I might sew or paint. Painting furniture is my newest love. I have just about run out of objects to paint, but there is one six drawer cane shelf that I will be rejuvenating soon, maybe even this weekend as one of my daughters has the time off and she is a great support and really encourages me to give things ago. In fact she is so committed that she actually asked me to show her how to use the sewing machine and proceeded to machine quilt some straight lines on a rather large project I have had in the pipeline for some time. She is amazing I tell you. Mind  you her two younger sisters are handy on the paintbrush over the Christmas break and they both chipped in to paint the bed for me. The bloke too the pictures for me which I appreciate but styling the scene is not his thing, and the light was not in his favour either, but it will give you an idea. It have just noticed that there are waxing strokes on the foot board of the bed. They are not so noticeable in real life, but they sure show up in a photo. Looks like some work for me to do. 
In case your interested the paint I use is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the colour is Duck Egg Blue. Love it!
You might also be wondering about the bare concrete floor. Our carpet was very worn and stained and it was driving me crazy. Our bedroom has a sliding glass door that we access the side veranda through. On the veranda we store excess 'stuff' and we also have a spare clothes line when we need it, hence the thoroughfare gets a work out. We decoded not to put carpet down again and chose to put laminate flooring on the floor instead. We have that flooring stored under the bed. 
When the bloke gets a week off from work he will install it. Yay!

Well that's enough of my rambling for the day, hope to be back here soon.